Artlandia Architects

Studio of Architecture and Design ARTLANDIA ARCHITECTS (registered in Bratislava and Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia) was formed in 2007 under the earlier free cooperation of architects and designers.

The main mission of the studio is to design studies and construction projects of Architecture as well as their interiors. Further we propose the Design, whether graphic, web, or other ...

We design timeless ecological architecture with the modern technologies. Our buildings are aesthetically clean, functional and environmentally friendly.. 

The buildings we design are tailored so that the client sit down ... to feel comfortable in them, so you could say ... thats how I imagined my dream house.

Our architecture design adapt to the budget of the client, but also to his personality ... for someone better fit a simple bungalow house ... for the others more complex storey house ... someone will feel well in the timber, someone in a brick building and someone feels better in more "courageous" technology, for example poured concrete in fittings. We believe that the construction of virtually any high quality MATERIALS can be valuable if they are designed and made right.

Artlandia studio has unlimited worldwide operation, we have customers mainly from Slovakia, but also from the Czech Republic, Finland, Morocco, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and Australia.


Artlandia cooperates with authorized civil engineers, designers and programmers.

Chief architect and manager of the company is Ing. arch. Pavel Chrabačka, authorized architect.

Tel.: 0918 407 570, E-mail:

More details about our services here ...


 Our Team and External Collaborators


Ing. arch. Pavel Chrabacka, authorized architect

Ing. arch. Marek Halinar, authorized architect

Ing. Katarina Predacovaauthorized civil engineer

Peter Kupco, civil engineer



Martina P. Hoholm, interior designer



Peter Balco, designer


Ing. Martin Ziak, programmer

Tomas Pekar, CS web

Freetech Services



Ing. Vladislav Lukasikauthorized civil engineer

Ing. Fedor Betkoauthorized civil engineer

Ing. Robert Zwillingauthorized civil engineer

Ing. Daniel Zarevucky


Ing. Nadezda Brziakovaauthorized civil engineer

Pavol Husarcík, CEPOS, s.r.o.


Ing. Pavol Misa, authorized civil engineer

Ing. Maros Salvaauthorized civil engineer

Ing. Radovan Brziakauthorized civil engineer


Jan Zvolensky, ELPROauthorized civil engineer

Ing. Vladimir Kicin - ELVIK


Ing. Michalela Misova, authorized civil engineer

 Our Clients

Our clients include also:

Tatralandia - aquapark, TMR - Tatry Mountain Resorts, UNIMIX Stavebniny, Syry Vychodna - Cheese Producer, VsZP - Health Insurance Company, K.R.T. - Tiles, Floor Tiles, Sanitary Ware, Citroen - Cars, Klaster Liptov - Tourist Center, Maracamping - Holiday Resort, SAD Liorbus - Bus Transportation, GoldenSUN - solar technologies, Coast One Oy - Engineering Company - Finland, GALIA - Production of Towing Equipment, SPIRIT - Realty Office, Eurofinal - Construction Profiles, HAKO - Construction Company, Plejsy - Holiday Resort, EURA - Management Company, Milion Club - Network of the Casinos, Izolstav - Roof Insulation, Colin - Wholesale of the Paints, Dandelion - Manufacture of Furniture, Cuba Libre - Bar, AJK Reality - Reality OfficeELFIT - Fitness Centre, Žirafka - Kindergarten, VIPEX - Construction Company, UNIMONT - Construction CompanyRTC - Relax Tennis Center, Proeco - Organic Products, Adolf Benca - Painter, Winebar - Tavern, Futour - Travel & Trade, Good Mood - Pizzeria, TH-Ekodom - Construction Company, Hotel Studená, Tinky Pinky - Patisserie, Sudar Trade - Cleaning Stuff Producer, Bactoma - Organic Cleansers, CREDO - Development Company, KLAR - Hotel ...


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